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Les Clandestines • on tour

VIA ! Concert en mouvement • Italian folk songs

Kind : : theater, music and singing
Duration : 55′
Audience : all age and international audiences
Created in 2009, will continue to be on tour in France and in Europe. In 2016, Les Clandestines will create a new version of the show, with new songs, new images and sounds, and new costumes. Mathieu Goust, a percussionist and drum player who plays in Boots and Roots (created in 2015 by Les Clandestines), will join the group.


Songs in Italian or in various dialects, coming from different regions of Italy… Love songs, work songs, songs of exile and resistance… This show is a tribute to the popular culture stemming from the every day life of many past generations.

The project is essentially to bring folk singing into public spaces and to bring the audience to wander with the singers through outdoor locations, whether natural of urban (the streets of a city, gardens, etc.).
Each performance is an occasion to invent a new route, to explore new places and underline their specificities.

Les Clandestines enjoy exploring the confrontation between elements of a contemporary musical language (new arrangements, elements of improvisa¬tion) and tradition (arrangements for two or three voices, based on simple harmonies ; instruments such as guitar and percussions, that are often present in traditional accompaniments).

The songs will be performed in Italian and in dialect. Thanks to the movements and expressions of the actresses, any audience from any country is able to understand the themes of some of the songs. Nonetheless, the power of the show relies not so much on
the exact content of each song as on the expressive force of the repertoire. The show is thus perfectly suited to international audiences.

The artists and the public wander in the streets together. The singers create their own space as they go along, according to the surroundings and the way the audience wishes to follow. Their way of relating to the spectators is simple and direct. The powerful involvement of the bodies in the act of singing induces a special emotional response from the public.
All this creates among the audience and the artists a particular feeling of togetherness and sharing.


Artistic director : Anne Lemeunier
Co artistic director : Régine Westenhoeffer
Actresses : Béatriz Beaucaire, Véronique Borg,
 Carole Breyer, Dominique Hardy, Naton Goetz, 
Anne Lemeunier, Virginie Meyer, Régine Westenhoeffer, Emmanuelle Zanfonato
Musicians : Mathieu Goust – percussions, Vincent Posty – guitar
Costumes : Carole Birling and Sabine Siegwalt

Manager : Stéphanie Lépicier – AZAD Production – Strasbourg

Production and financial support

Production and financial support : Les Clandestines
Financial support : Ministry of culture / DRAC Grand Est, Région of Grand Est, city of Strasbourg, Departmental Council of Bas-Rhin and ADAMI.


Tuesday 26 january 2016 • 3pm
> Messe Freiburg (Germany) • Trade Fair for Stage Productions, Music and Events
In preview : excerpts of the new version
The show is nominated in the category STREET
The messe Freiburg : The website

Büro Azad Production will be there to greet you stand 2.7.16 from the 26th to the 28th of January.

Saturday 21 may 2016 • 8pm
> Illzach (68) • Espace 110 • Closing of the theater season

16 to 18 june 2016 • 8pm
> Sibiu (Romania) • Program & Events Coordinator • Outdoor Sibiu International Theater Festival (to be confirmed)

Saturday 15 october 2016
> Auzances (23) • (to be confirmed)

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