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Les Clandestines • on tour

Loin Lontano • A show based on italian folk songs • Created in 2012

Kind : : theater, music and singing
Duration : 55′
Audience : all age and international audiences


Why do people leave everything and migrate ? What are the feelings that emigration conveys? What incredible energy do people have to find in order to survive in situations of tension such as the life of a migrant?

Exile is one of the burning questions of our modern world, and it can have a strong response among international audiences. The repertoire of the show is based on Italian songs, that tell of hope and pain. The main material is singing and music, but texts are inserted in the show (testimonies, letters, historical documents, excerpts of poetry and literature, translations of songs). The texts are in English, Italian, French and German.

In this show, Les Clandestines, a group of nine female singers and the musician Vincent Posty, confront a contemporary musical language (double bass and electric guitar) and tradition (Italian folk songs).


Artistic directors : Anne Lemeunier et Régine Westenhoeffer
Actresses : Béatriz Beaucaire, Véronique Borg, Carole Breyer, 
Dominique Hardy, Naton Goetz, Anne Lemeunier, 
Virginie Meyer, Régine Westenhoeffer, Emmanuelle Zanfonato
Musician : Vincent Posty (double bass, electric guitar)
Artistic collaboration : Pierre Diependaële

Costumes : Sabine Siegwalt
Manager : Stéphanie Lépicier – AZAD Production Strasbourg

Productions & Financial support

Production : Les Clandestines
Collaboration : Association Vedute, Festival Strasbourg Méditerranée

Financial support : Ministry of culture – DRAC Grand Est, City of Strasbourg, Depatmental Council of Bas Rhin, Région of Grand Est for broadcast


16 to 18 june 2016
> Sibiu (Romania) • Program & Events Coordinator • Outdoor Sibiu International Theater Festival • (to be confirmed)

Saturday 9 july 2016
> La Flèche (72) • Festival Les Affranchis • Le Carroi, Scène conventionnée

Sunday 10 july 2016
> Beaufort en Anjou (49) • Les Impatientes • (to be confirmed)

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Les Clandestines – Loin | Lontano
View in large format, Graz 2012

Les Clandestines, Loin Lontano (10’41-VF) :
View in large format, Graz 2012

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